Dying Tree

3 Jun

Then finally you’re in the same stage… and again in the same way. I’m just wondering  how could you enjoy this sweating thing. I my self would be really really bored of it. However, I have no better ideas to choose. Decision could be so significant in this phase but you’ve seen that it won’t be easy to make. You’ll deal with the trunk, branches, leaves, and many other things around your tree. As we’d decided before , it’s always hard to plant but even harder to grow. We’ve known all of these hard things. Then, what we want to know is what you will choose. Those could be planting another tree and making the old one down and dry or you’ll either grow this tree unhealthy or grow this tree with your care.

of course, it won’t be merely on you, but all things around you and of course the tree… Then, once again you have  to consider the sun, ground, water, air, wind, insects and other living things around your tree…  the question then will be, “Could you deal with all those things?”  I have no answer today, you’d better stay with yourself talk with it as you used to do…. it’s such a serious stuff, be careful but be quick as well…

Later, if you find out the answers, we’ll talk about it again…

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