Hortatory Exposition

7 May

Apa si Hortatory Exposition?

Secara umum Hortatory text sama dengan analytical, namun dalam Hortatory penulis mempengaruhi pembaca supaya melakukan sesuatu sesuai dengan pendapatnya.

“Jadi dalam hortatory akan ada ajakan, tapi dalam analytical tidak ada ajakan”.

Generic Structure of Hortatory Exposition

1. Thesis : Pendapat penulis dan poin-poin yang memperkuat pendapat penulis

2. Arguments : poin-poin dan detail untuk meyakinkan bahwa pendapat penulis benar

3. Recommendation : rekomendasi atau ajakan/himbauan

Ciri kebahasaan pada teks Hortatory Exposition

1. Fokus pada penulis

2. Menggunakan kata benda abstrak seperti : policy (kebijakan), advantage (keuntungan), dll

3. Menggunakan kata kerja

4. Menggunakan modal adverb; certainly, surely, etc

6. Memakai temporal connective; firstly, secondly, etc

7. Memakai evaluative words; important, valuable, trustworthy, etc

8. Menggunakan passive voice

9. Menggunakan simple present tense

Contoh dan struktur

Thesis In all discussion over the removal of lead from petrol ( and the atmosphere), there doesn’t seem to have been any mention of the diffence between driving in the city and in the country.
Arguments While I realise my leaded petrol car is polluting the air wherever I drive, I feel that when you travel through the country,where you only see another car every five to ten minutes,the problem is not as severe as when traffic is concentrated on city roads.

Those who want to penalise older , leaded petrol vehicles and their owners donn’t seem to appreciate thet in the country there is no public transport to fall back upon and ones own vehicle is the only way to get about.

Recomendation I feel that country people, who often have to travel huge distances to the nearest town and who already spend a great deal of money on petrol,should be treated differently to the people who live in the city


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