Recount Text

5 May

Teks jenis recount adalah teks yang berisi urutan peristiwa diwaktu lampau, seringkali teks ini merupakan pengalaman pribadi si penulis.

Purpose :

to retell past event/menceritakan kembali kejadian diwaktu lampau

Structure :

a. Orientation

Semacam introduction atau pembukaan, seringkali berupa setting tempat, tokoh, waktu dan lain-lain

b. Events

Urutan kejadian yang ingin diceritakan penulis

c. Reorientation

Rangkuman dari seluruh kejadian atau isi teks, dapat pula berupa kesimpulan


On Friday, we went to the Blue Mountain. We stayed at David and Della’s house. It has a big garden with lots of colorful flowers and tennis court.

On Saturday, we saw the Three Sisters and we went on the scenic railway. It was scary. Then, Mom and I went shopping with Della. We went to some antique shops and I tried on some old hats. On Sunday, we went on the scenic Skyway and it rocked. We saw cockatoos having shower.

In the afternoon, we went home.


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